Friday, August 1, 2008

Amazing Suites!

Singingmermaid. really has an amazing suite! I don't know how she thinks of these room themes. All her rooms are very creative, but this enchanted room really is my favorite. I also really love her main beach house room. She has also managed to design a bathroom and kitchen from scratch. All her designing must have cost a fortune. I would also like to recognize her other account, Singingmermaid that had so much decorations and clothes that her suite practically crashed. Please take the time to visit both her accounts, they are worth your time.

Cltreanor also has a suite full of great ideas. This stable room is very creative and must have taken a lot of hard work. I really like the kitchen she designed. She has some other fabulous rooms also, like her hot tub room. I urge you to visit her suite.

Msdavies2005 has done a great job designing. I really like this backyard lake theme. She has some other really great rooms such as her Indian theme room and dining room. You will be amazed by her incredible DKNY collection. I think you should go visit her suite and hopefully you will be inspired by one of her terrific ideas. Did I mention that I love her outfit?


Alexandra said...

Your site is amazing :)

Just thought i would say :D

Thanyou <3

Serena said...

PRINCEBOBBOB has the most mind-blowing amazing suite I have ever seen!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i love your blog and i would be more than happy if you are going to visit me on stardoll my name is ezergal and I think that my suite is good enough to be presented on your site would make me happy kisses

Anonymous said...

Some more amazing suites are MissKaiapoi and XxtinkleBellxX. zthey are so amazing! :D